Our Mission

The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.


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Dr. Trent Daniel


MATH Suggestions

The NSpire is acceptable, as long as it is not the CAS version, but the teachers will use the TI-83 and/or TI-84 in their classroom. It is best if students have their own calculator, but we do provide rentals to Algebra II and higher.

Summer Math

Students entering Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 honors will work on the Pre-algebra Mission


Students entering Geometry, LA2, and Algebra 2 will work on the Algebra 1 Mission.

Let's READ!

Click here for the Reading Log.


Directions: For each of these assignment you are required have at least a contact sheets worth of images – 36 photos. You can and should shoot more. Lots more. Use a USB flash drive (At least 16GB) to organize your files. 

Click Here to Download Instructions 

AP English

Click Here to download AP Literature and Composition Instructions

Click Here to download AP Language and Composition Assignments.

Click Here to download AP Language and Composition Text



Enhorabuena por la decisión que has tomado al apuntarte a esta clase.
Para que durante el año escolar tengas una guía, de tanto los términos literarios como de las obras que vamos a ir trabajando, te propongo dos tareas diferentes.
Estas dos tareas serán las dos primeras notas del nuevo curso y las recogeré el primer día de clase.
Realizar 38 fichas con los autores, épocas y lecturas que vamos a tratar durante el año.
Realizar fichas con los términos literarios más importantes a tratar el año próximo.
La idea es que utilices estas fichas durante todo el año como herramienta de repaso.
Adjunto dos documentos diferentes con la explicación de cada tarea. “Tarea 1, fichas literarias” y “Tarea 2 , términos literarios “
Es muy importante que sigas las instrucciones a la hora de realizar las fichas.
Para cualquier duda puedes contactarme a mi correo electrónico maria_lopez@scps.k12.fl.us durante el verano.

ESPAÑOL 3 Click Here
AP Lengua -Summer Assignment Click Here

Summer Reading Recommendations

At Lake Brantley High School, we share Seminole County’s commitment to developing reading skills and inspiring a lifelong love of reading. Reading throughout the summer is a key to achieving both goals. Research shows that summer reading has a positive impact on academic performance and correlates to increased test scores; research also indicates that summer reading is most effective when students are given free choice of reading material. With that in mind, we are not assigning summer reading except at the AP level, but encourage you to participate in Lets Read Seminole and read anything and everything you can. Details of the program can be found at Let's Read Seminole. We’ve also provided a list of recommendations. Happy reading!

AP Studio Art: 2D Design or Drawing Portfolio

Pick up a packet from 7-105 or the front desk during summer break. If you are unable to get a packet, please use your own materials and follow the directions as closely as possible. 

Click here to download the Package for AP Studio Art- 2D Design

Click here to download the Package for AP Studio Art Drawing

Go to the College Board website and look at examples of 2D Design and Drawing portfolios: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/sub_studioart.html

If you have any questions email me at: Kathryn_Farmer@scps.k12.fl.us   

Have an enjoyable summer – I look forward to seeing your work!

Ms. Farmer

The entire summer assignment is required for AP Studio Art and is due on the first day of school. Failure to do the summer assignment will jeopardize your opportunity to be in the class.

You Tube Art Video List

You Tube Art Videos & Books for AP Studio Art


Go to The Sketchbook Challenge and explore the tutorials - they are great.  Also check out the artists who are part of the challenge. The blog is full of information you can use. Explore the themes and pick two to work on in your sketchbook. Check out Jane LaFazio’s blog, she is one of the artists at The Sketchbook Challenge - great drawing aids.  http://janeville.blogspot.com/


Go to Strathmore Journal Workshops. They are free and informative.



Teesha Moore  - All journaling videos on You Tube

Amazing 16 page journal part 1 and 2

Journaling Layer 1

Journaling  Collage

Journaling  Lettering

White page journal

Diana Trout blog -  Her book “Journal Spilling”

Juicy Watercolor   ( Prang )

Creating Decorative Papers with Citra Solv

Random Journal Page

Basic Watercolor 8-20-2011

Watercolor Journaling

Image Transfer with water

Watercolor and Resists

Jane Davies Blog  -  Her book  “Collage Journeys”

Resist and Water, Alcohol Technique

Collage Demo

Scribble Painting May 15. 2012

Doodle  April 22, 2011

Gesture Drawing March 31, 2011

Composition lesson 3 Textures  May 6, 2011

Resistance Resists  May 20, 2011

Danny Gregory  blog-videos-journals, he has two books in the Seminole Library.

Great samples of contour drawings.

AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography

Students should study political maps of the countries of the world. These maps will be tested in the first weeks of the school year. 

The following sites will help students to prepare:




AP World History

Summer reading for AP World History is the book
A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage. This book
can be checked out over the summer break from the Media Center.
Students will participate in a review activity and test on the reading
in August.
Assignment: Six Glasses Discussion Questions Click Here

AP Chemistry

* Complete the 10 worksheets in this packet.


* Buy an AP Chemistry Test Prep book (like the Barrons Guide) and start looking through it.

* Email me with questions (francis_moxie@scps.k12.fl.us).

* Come to the help sessions if needed!