Our Mission

The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.

Clubs and Organizations



Revision Date: 8/29/2017
Director of Student Activities: Jeralee McIntyre| Building 6 | 407-746-3419
Student Activities Secretary: Tami Godshalk| Building 6 | 407-746-3489
Steps to starting a new club:

1. Find a sponsor (teacher) to supervise your club.

2. Complete an interest information sheet.

3. Complete a Group Constitution and turn it in to the Activities Director in Building 6.

4. The deadline for starting an organization for the 2017-2018 school year is December 1st, 2017.

Fundraising request procedures:


1. Complete a  fundraising request form 1 week (7 day days) prior to your desired start date of your fundraiser.

2. Turn in the fundraising request form to Activities Director in Building 6.

3. Check with your sponsor to verify that your fundraiser has been approved before starting. This does not include major events such as shows, programs, car washes, etc. which require several weeks/months advanced request.

Active Club 2017-2018


Name Sponsor Co-Sponsor

Elected Student Groups

Student Council & Leadership Mary Cumberland/Nicole Salkaus
Senior Class Andrea Lesko
Nicole Salkaus
Junior Class Angela Cecere

Sophomore Class Lynn Moran

Freshman Class Gemara Goodwin

Activities & Co-Curricular Groups

Air Force JROTC Mark Watts Ryan Dufrain
Band Brad Wharton Nancy King
Business Professionals of America (BPA) Sabrina Halberg
Kevin Szewczyk
Chorus Carlton Kilpatrick
Dance Dana Mote
Debate Dan Smith
Newspaper Katherine Turkelson
Peer Counseling Mary Sams
Yearbook Christine Adams

Honorary Societies

BETA Club Mary Cumberland
French Honor Society Jan Petrino
International Thespian Society Laura Molloy
Kitty Hawk Air Honor Society Ryan Dufrain
Mu Alpha Theta Kristine Visavachaipan
National Art Honor Society Katy Farmer
 National English Honor Society  Annie Hall   
National Honor Society Seth Reichelson 

 National Latin Honor Society
 Robert Payne
 National Tech Honor Society  Brian Keyes  
 Science National Honor Society  Codi Anderson  
Spanish Honorary Society Candido Negron Karen Irigoyen

Interest Clubs

Academic Team (Brain Bowl) Ken Wasinger

 Asian American Association  Seamus Hutchens   
Beach Volleyball Club  Miriam Campbell 
 Brantley Royals  Gemara Goodwin  
Brantley Space Society Dina Cavicchia
 Bridge Club    Debbie Brownrigg  
Club L’Chaim Dan Smith
Crew (Rowing) Leslie Landrum
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Joe Kreuter

French Club Jan Petrino
Future Educators of America Gemara Goodwin
GAPP (German-American Partnership Prog.) Brad Willis
 Green Team  Debbie Brownrigg   
 GSA Carie Foster
 Key Club  Bridgette Schutz
 Knitting Club  Seith Reichelson  
Lake Brantley Interact Kent Kersten
Lake Brantley Players Laura Molloy
Lake Brantley Medical Club
Mike Holmes
Latin Club Robert Payne
 Model United Nations  Shawna Resnick   
Optimist J.O.O.I. Stan Cutler
Photography Club Alex Garver Arianna Fizudeen
S.A.L.T. Jerri Kelly
SECME Codi Anderson & Amy Jones 
 Stars Wars Club   Alex Garver  
 Step Team (Patriot Steppers) Lydia Morgan  
 Strategy Club
Dina Cavicchia
Sunshine Club Mary Sams
United Students of Color Mary Cumberland Toni Moore
 Young Democrats  Dan Smith   
Young Republicans
Mary Macaluso