Our Mission

The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.

Our Vision

The vision of Lake Brantley High School is to empower its students to achieve individual success through respect, responsibility and a readiness to learn.

Middle School Registration Presentation 2017

To view the presentation from 2-7-17 please click here.

Registration Information 2017-2018

Registration Information for the 2017-2018 School Year

1. Students receive registration materials
     a. Curriculum Guide
     b. Registration Card

2. Material distributed :
   a. Juniors will receive materials during the week of January 23 during US History classes
   b. Sophomores will receive materials on January 30 during World History Classes
   c. Freshmen will receive materials on January 31 during English 1 classes

3. The window opens for materials to be completed from February 1-10 and returned to their
   a. Juniors return to US History teachers
   b. Sophomores return to World History teachers
   c. Freshmen return to English 1 teachers.

4. Registration Cards:
   a. Study the courses and go over possible choices with classroom teachers. Students
should work with teachers to get signatures for course approval from February 1- 10. All
academic courses and numbers should be entered in ink and signed by current
academic teachers.
    b. Counselors will be in the courtyard during lunches February 6-10 to help assist students
with questions and assist with filling out registration forms
   c. Take the curriculum guide home and discuss course selections with a parent or
   d. Schedule change requests are not guaranteed. All registration cards must be completed
with 7 credits and alternates for all elective courses.
   e. Registration cards must be signed by student and the parent/guardian.
   f. Make corrections to the registration card and return proper documentation for
verification (i.e. a change in address requires a new deed or lease, etc.) Please return
with registration card.
  g. Failure to turn in registration card will result in classes being selected for the student. If
this happens the student will not be able to change the scheduled classes.
  h. Counselors may not be available for appointments to go over student schedule requests
during this time period due to high demands of registration. If students or parents have
registration questions please email the counselor for the fastest reply.

5. Students will enter the course requests in SKYWARD and turn in the registration form in the
Media Center from February 13 thru February 21. Students who do not have any of the
indicated classes listed above with their peers can come any period to the Media Center and
input the courses for next year.

6. Parents and students will be able to see course requests in their SKYWARD account until the
end of the school year. Keep in mind the counselors are off the majority of the summer so if
you need a change contact counselor before school ends. Also if you need virtual school
approval, please contact counselor before school ends.