School Policies

Electronic Devices

  1. May not use on campus until the LAST bell of the day EXCEPT during lunch and between classes.
  2. May not have the electronic device displayed in any manner.
  3. May not ring in class.
  4. Checking messages will be considered using phone.
  5. Electronic device rules are in effect until 4:00 pm in the Media Center.

Testing  Electronic Device Policy

*Both policies applies to all electronic devices
(e.g. iPods, headphones, handheld video games, etc.),
not just cell phones.

Attendance Policy

A Student:

  1. Under the age of 16 is required by state law to attend school. Additionally, a student may have his/her driver’s license revoked due to excessive absences. All doctor notes or other official documentation must be turned in within 5 days of the absence. NO PARENT NOTES ARE CONSIDERED AS EXCUSED ABSENCE.
  2. With more then 9 unexcused absences in half (1/2) credit class will receive a grade of F for the term regardless of the calculated grade. If time is not made up by deadline, the student will lose credit for the course.
  3. Will be considered absent from class if the student arrives or leaves class greater than or equal to 5 minutes. A parent/guardian may request an attendance print-out from the attendance office.
  4. Will receive at his/her parent’s/guardian’s residence a phone call after each unexcused absence. After 9 unexcused absences in any grading period, the principal or designee must contact the parent/guardian via telephone or by mail.
  5. Participating in school activities or attending to school business is considered in attendance. The activity is considered a field trip and the only type of exempt absence.
  6. Suspended for disciplinary reasons is not to attend school and will be counted absent, and considered unexcused.

Dress Code

Please refer to the Seminole County Public School Dress Code


Make-Up Work

A Student:


  1. Is required to make-up assignments/tests missed due to all absences. The student has the same number of days as the preceding absence to satisfactorily complete and hand in the work.
  2. Will have the opportunity to make-up the missed instructional time on designated Wednesday afternoons.

Positive Behavior Support

Respect, Resposibilities and Ready to Learn