Our Mission

The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.

Our Vision

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Dr. Trent Daniel

Benefits of Skyward

  • You will be able to view your student's information, grades, and attendance.
  • It is updated in real time. As soon as attendance or grades are entered by the school, the information is immediately available in Family Access.
  • Makes contacting school staff extremely easy by providing email links to teacher and staff.
  • Your access will be available for as long as you have a child in Seminole County Public Schools.

We hope that you find Family Access a valuable tool to help you stay up-to-date on your child's progress.
Skyward Family Access

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What We do Believe?

*Everything can be improved.​

* Every person can learn.
* The inherent worth of each individual must be valued.
* A dynamic institution adapts to the ever-changing needs of its students.
* Self-discipline, integrity, and personal responsibility are ​ essential for constructive citizenship.
* Cultural diversity benefits both individual and community.

* A diverse curriculum is relevant to real world issues.
* A Physically and emotionally safe learning environment is essential to student growth.
* The development of independent lifelong learners is the essential purpose of education.
* Intellectual freedom and technology use enhance personal growth.
* Higher-level problem solving and critical thinking skills enhance individual success.

* The behavior modeled by faculty and staff directly​ influences the learning environment.

Scholarship Opportunities

Attention Seniors Parents:

Please encourage your sons/daughters to check the Scholarship Room on Wednesdays at lunch time for the latest information regarding scholarship opportunities that are available. We will be posting the opening date for the Scholarship Room for the 2013-2014 school year soon. You can also check out the scholarship report through the webpage. http://lakebrantley.com/Guidance/QuickLinks/SCHOLARSHIPS.aspx

What do We Want?

*To have a broad-based curriculum that emphasizes Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing and Communication, Business and Applied Technology Skills, Fine and Performing Arts, Social Studies, History, Physical Education, and Modern Languages with particular emphasis on application to real life skills.

* To have our instructional program facilitated by well-prepared, knowledgeable teachers who adapt to varying learning styles emphasizing critical thinking skills and practical applications supported by appropriate technology.

* To have students demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge and skills that we have taught in our curriculum.

* To have students develop positive self-concepts, learn self- discipline, practice personal accountability, responsibility, and, demonstrate positive behavior that reflects sound moral and ethical values.​

* To have students set goal, be involved, be prepared, and accept​ responsibility and consequences for their own actions.​​​

* To have faculty and staff create a positive environment by modeling​ appropriate behavior, treating students with respect and consistently applying rules.

* To have parents who will insure that students are ready to achieve​ in school by providing for the physical and emotional health of their​ children, modeling appropriate behavior, and showing a high regard​ for education by becoming active participants in the educational process.​

* To enable each faculty member to fulfill his/her obligations for ​​ for professional development through continuous, broad-based, and ​ relevant professional growth opportunities.​

* To have interactions in our school based on communication, mutual​ respect, cooperation, acceptance of diversity, and valuing the​ contribution of each person.​​​

* To provide a positive environment that inspires achievement, encourages​ teamwork, and promotes a secure emotional, physical, and professional​ setting.​

* To have a school that is clean, healthy, safe, attractive, functional, and​ adaptable.​

* To have students feel successful, challenged and excited about learning​ at the end of each day.​

* To have faculty, staff and administration feel a positive sense of ​ accomplishment, appreciation, and support at the end of each day.