Disney Dreamer and Doer 2019

March 08, 2019

Disney Dreamer and Doer 2019

2019 Student Information Form

Disney Dreamers and Doers Recognition 2019

What is it?

Dreamers and Doers recognizes students who inspire others in a variety of ways – helping siblings, improving their grades, demonstrating kindness – any good deed qualifies!

Who can submit a nomination and when?

Students may self-nominate, or be nominated by a teacher, counselor or peer

How do I submit a nomination?

Submit your essay to the Building 8 office by MARCH 11

What will the principal or school coordinator do with the nominations?

They will collect and review all nominations, then select ONE student whose story rises to the top – that will be the school’s Dreamer and Doer!

What happens next?

Once Disney receives all the names of the selected Dreamers and Doers, they will select 3 students to be the county’s “Shining Stars”.

What’s in it for students?  Why should they apply or nominate a student?

The Dreamers and Doers program is an opportunity for students to express pride in their accomplishments, or to discover how they inspire others.  Disney will reward these accomplishments – big or small:

  • The Dreamer and Doer selected at each school receives 4 park hopper tickets
  • Those selected as Shining Stars receive an annual pass for themselves and each member of their immediate family.   Their principal will receive 10 park tickets to benefit the school!

***Interested students please see the attached Student Instructions document and bring your essay to the Building 8 office NO LATER THAN MARCH 11, 2019.