Semester 2 Camera Policy for Seminole Connect Students

December 09, 2020

In order to improve class participation and engagement with our Seminole Connect students, we are going to require that ALL students on Seminole Connect have their audio and video on at all times in your classes. 

This will go into effect upon the start of the new semester.   We will continue to push this out for the next few weeks so that this can successfully go into effect upon our return.  If there are students that state that this is not possible then please have them email Charlie Negron and we will handle it.   We will have a limited amount of web cams available for check out and will handle it on a case by case basis.  We are encouraging our students to use their own devices FIRST (laptops, phones, etc.) but if they are in need just direct them to the attached information sheet.  

LBHS WebEx Student Expectations.docx