Tardy Policy Updated

January 13, 2021

Its being an updated with our attendance policy, please read.

Good Morning Patriots,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  This is a friendly reminder that LBHS no longer uses HERO for tardies.  We have had an increased number of students coming to the building 6 office looking for HERO passes, the building six office does not provide HERO/late passes for class. 

When a student arrives late (0-9 minutes) please mark them tardy.  I monitor student tardies and will assign the discipline as outlined at the bottom of this email (modified semester two to include lunch detention).  If the student is 10 or more minutes late to class, please mark the student absent.  Discipline consequences cannot be assigned to students who are absent. 

Tardy Policy (Cumulative tardies for the quarter, not per period)

1st and 2nd Tardy: Warning, messages sent home through Skyward by Darlene

3rd Tardy: 1 Lunch Detention

4th Tardy: 1 Hour Wed. Detention

5th Tardy: 2 Hour Wed. Detention

6+ Tardies: Administrative consult. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you,
Darlene Gariepy

Dean of Students

Lake Brantley High School

407-746-3540  (ext. 3-3540)