Alumni in History

Stevie Baggs (graduated 2001) Football professional CFL

Sarah Bateman (graduated 2008) Swimming Olympic X Iceland  UF

Wendy Bruce- Olympic gymnastic attended

Daryl Bush Graduated 1993  FSU

Michelle Davis graduated  professional softball players former FSU

Jeff Dietz graduated 2003 professional baseball Diamond Backs  former Brown

Nick Franklin graduated 2009 professional baseball player Mariners  Signed out of HS

John Gast graduated 2007 professional baseball player Cardinals  former FSU

DJ Hicks graduated 2008 professional baseball player Twins former UCF

Scott Hicks graduated 1997 professional baseball player Brewers  former Lake Sumter CC

Clint Johnson graduated 1989 professional football NFL Jets former Notre Dame

Greg Larson graduated 2008 professional baseball Red Sox  former UF

Andrew Laugther graduated 1996 professional baseball Rangers former LSU

Jordy Lipsey graduated 2003  HS All American attended Virginia U

Kevin Melillo graduated 2002 professional baseball Brewers former USouth Carolina

Brad Rigby graduated 1991 professional baseball A's former Georgia Tech

Geoffrey Strickland graduated 2002 professional baseball Rockies

Jerry Thurston Jr. graduated 1990 professional baseball

Jonathan Taylor (graduated 1990) - CEO Voxeo Corporation​

Graham Zusi (graduated 2005)- professional soccer player. He currently plays for Sporting Kansas City

Dee Brown (graduated 1996)- professional football player

Kamran Beladi - (Graduated 2011)

Wendy (Bruce) Martin - 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist (Team) for gymnastics

Pat DiMarco (Graduated 2007) Professional Football NFL (Chiefs)  U.South Carolina

Chris DiMarco (graduated 1986) - professional golfer PGA

Nick Franklin (graduated 2009) -professional baseball player, currently plays for the Tampa Bay Rays

Matt Heafy - lead singer/lead guitar of the metal band Trivium

Michael Johnson - musician

Hunter Kemper - (graduated 1994) - Olympic triathlete

Kam Lee - (drummer)- Mantas, Death, Massacre(vocalist)

Felipe López (graduated 1998) - professional baseball player RED's signed out of HS

Mandy Moore - (student for 1 year, then transferred to Bishop Moore High School for 1 year before leaving to pursue her career) - singer/actress

Kim Shaw - Actress

Kara Monaco - (graduated 2001) Playboy's Playmate of the Year 2006, Contestant on Big Brother 14 on CBS (2012)

Ron Pedley- (graduated 1979) - keyboardist for Barry Manilow, Air Supply, Ann-Margret, Uncle Festive

Drew Seeley (graduated 2000) - actor/musician

Phillip Snyder (graduated 1999) - actor/social media activist, 3 successful summits of Mount Everest without supplimental oxygen.

Steven Sinofsky - (graduated 1983) executive at Microsoft

Travis Smith - former drummer of the metal band Trivium

Rob Thomas - lead singer of Matchbox Twenty

Jason Varitek (graduated 1990) - professional baseball player

Anthony Violante - marketing executive for Sean Combs/Bad Boy Entertainment

Mason Sharrow (Graduated 2004) - actor/stuntman, featured in A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila

Charlie "Cosmo" Wilson (Attended 1976-77 and 1978–79) - Concert Lighting Designer

Todd Ristorcelli - (graduated 1991) - professional water skier

Jemile Weeks - (graduated 2005) Professional baseball player, currently plays for the Oakland Athletics

Rickie Weeks - (graduated 2000) Professional baseball player, currently plays for the Milwaukee Brewers

Jonny Venters- Professional baseball players, currently pitches for the Atlanta Braves