Athletic Eligibility


​The Lake Brantley Athletic Department is a member in good standing of the Florida High School Activities Association and fully complies with all of its regulations. Visit their web site  for more information. The following are excerpts of the athletic eligibility rules required by the Florida High School Activities and the School Board of Seminole County.  

These guidelines are furnished in this Handbook so that they will contribute to a better understanding of the Association’s rules by our coaches and student athletes.  Complete eligibility regulations are contained in Article 9 of the FHSAA by-laws.  Please see the Athletic Director if you have questions or need further explanation of details and exceptions.

TO BE ELIGIBLE to represent Lake Brantley High School in an athletic contest, a student:

  1. MUST be regularly enrolled and in regular attendance at Lake Brantley High School.  A home education student must declare in writing, his/her intention to participate in athletics at LBHS prior to the first day of practice.  (By-Law 9.2)
  2. MUST enroll at LBHS within 10 days of the beginning of each semester to be eligible during that semester.  If not, the student must make up all work missed and be in attendance a minimum of one day for each day missed due to late enrollment before the Principal can declare the student eligible. (By-Law 9.2)
  3. MUST maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 un-weighted scale through the end of the previous semester as required by Florida law. This GPA must include all courses taken since the student entered high school. Nine-week grades have no bearing on athletic eligibility. Incoming freshman must have been promoted, not assigned. Coaches are encouraged to make regular checks of student-athlete’s academic progress. (By-Law 9.4)
  4. MUST NOT have graduated from any high school or its equivalent. (By-Law 9.4)
  5. MUST NOT have enrolled in the ninth grade for the first time more than four years ago. (By-Law 9.5)
  6. MUST be less than 19 years 9 months old to participate.  On the day the student reaches that age, he/she becomes ineligible to participate. (By-Law 9.6)
  7. MUST get signed permission to participate from his/her parents and/or guardian on a form provided by SCPS. (By-Law 9.8)
  8. MUST have a physician’s certificate stating that the student is physically fit for interscholastic athletic competition.  This certificate must be dated anytime within one calendar year, and one day before the student’s first practice.  (By-Law 9.7)
  9. MUST be an amateur.  This means must not accept money, gift or a donation for participating in a sport, or use a name other than their own when participating. (By-Law 9.9)
  10. MUST display GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and follow the rules of competition before, during and after every contest in which the student participates.  If not, the student may be barred from participation for a period of time, (By-Law 7.1) and is required to pay for fines before returning to play.

Before a student may condition, attend workout, tryout or compete with a team they must have an annual physical (one every 365 calendar days).  This must be done on the SCPS Sports Screening Form.  After completion by parent and physician, the student will bring the forms to the Athletic Office for signature and processing.  Coaches will not  accept white cards until this procedure has been followed.

The School Board requires each participant in interscholastic athletics to be covered by accident insurance.  You may use your own insurance coverage, but we suggest that you check with your agent or employer to determine if your insurance policy covers accidents resulting from the specific sport(s) in which your student will be participating.

A separate, 24-hour coverage insurance plan for participants is available through the School Insurance of Florida for those who do not have insurance, and for those who wish to supplement their own insurance.   The twenty-four hour coverage does not include participation in tackle football.  A special additional policy for football coverage is available upon request from the head football coach or the Athletic Office.

The first time a student participates in athletics at this school, he/she must submit an ORIGINAL birth certificate (FHSAA By-Law 9.6) so a copy can be made.  The original birth certificate will NOT be retained by school personnel.  Passports are acceptable in lieu of a birth certificate.  Submission of a birth certificate need not be repeated from year to year.

Team Responsibilities

Lake Brantley student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which will bring only pride and respect to their team, school, parents, and community.

The Athletic Department requires each athletic team/coach to provide each student-athlete with a written set of team conduct/behavioral expectations and requirements for lettering in their respective sport.  The team expectations will include but will not be limited to; attendance, practice performance, school behavior, coach-ability, training rules, team responsibilities, transportation regulations, care and return of issued school’s athletic equipment, possible resulting disciplinary actions for infractions and the school’s policy on alcohol/chemical abuse.   All these must be followed to the satisfaction of the head coach through the conclusion of their sport season, including all games and awards presentations.

Student athletes, who fail to complete their commitment with any athletic team in any given season, are not permitted to try out or participate for any other athletic team until the completion of the state competition season of the original team.  If any athlete were subject to any suspension or disciplinary action during one season the completion of that action may and will continue in any subsequent season in which the athlete may participate.  Students who wish to compete on more than one athletic team during the same season may do so only with the mutual consent of both head coaches concerned.  Such a dual commitment should not be made hastily and certainly not without extensive consideration to the resulting impact on the student-athlete’s most important responsibility – the quality of his/her education.

Quit Rule and Practice Policy

It is the philosophy of the Lake Brantley High School Athletic Department that the beginning of a new sports season should not conflict with an in-season coach and/or athlete from bringing a current season to a successful conclusion.  Every effort will be made to assure that in-season coaches and athletes will continue to practice and compete in an atmosphere free from the potential distractions presented by the beginning of a new sports season.  It is with the interests of all sports that the following policy has been formulated:

An athlete is expected to practice with his/her team until the conclusion of the final interscholastic competition.  An athlete who quits prior to the conclusion of the sports season will not be permitted to practice for another sport until the current sport concludes its season or athlete is released by their former coach.

In those sports where entire teams qualify for the post-season play (District level and above), an athlete who quits may not begin to practice for another sport until the team is eliminated from further competition.

In those sports where individuals rather than teams qualify for post-season play, an athlete who quits prior to the conclusion of the season will not be permitted to practice until the conclusion of the regular season schedule.

When a team has completed its season, as defined above, athletes are to be released to practice for the next sports season.  If an athlete is needed by a coach for practice purposes, and the athlete and the coach both agree, he/she may remain until the athlete’s services are no longer needed.

Undue Influence for Participation

It is the philosophy of the Lake Brantley High School Athletic Department that students should enjoy as many sports seasons as they and their parents wish them to participate in, without influence from any coach to specialize in any one sport.  Indeed, LBHS coaches are expected to encourage the participation of all athletes in multiple interscholastic sports.