Cross Country Summer Workout

Cross Country Summer Workout

May 22, 2019

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Cross Country Summer Workout

Hello Fellow Runners,

Welcome to the summer training schedule for the 2018 Cross Country Season. With the start of training underway, it is important to understand that building a good running base is extremely important. You must be sure to stay as loyal as you can to the training schedule given. You are not looking to PR or break speed records over the summer as it only increases the chance for the early development of an injury. Remember, the majority of this training is done on your own, which makes it difficult for you to watched over or guided by a professional. With that note, please follow the schedule accordingly and don’t push any more than what’s expected. You are looking to start off better than you did last season and get ready for a great season.

Beginning high school runners (1st year CC runners) – Follow the schedule accordingly.

2nd Year Runners – Increase mileage weekly by 20%

3rd Year Runners – Increase mileage weekly by 35%

4th Year Runners or Seniors – Increase mileage weekly by 45-50%

!!!Follow this outline unless you’ve spoken to me directly about following another level that is different from your experience!!!

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