Lake Brantley
High School

Dr. Trent Daniel

Assistant Principals
Dr. Jose Sanchez
Juliene McDonald
Collen Windt
Jeralee McIntyre

School Administration Manager
Brian Shafer
Ashley Swander
Dr. Daniel Cowgill


The mission of Lake Brantley High School is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.


Our Vision

The vision of Lake Brantley High School is to empower its students to achieve individual success through respect, responsibility and a readiness to learn.



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An anonymous tip line serving six Central Florida counties provides a live operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week for youth, parents and teachers who call to report crimes or potential crimes in the schools, neighborhoods or homes where young people live.  If a tip leads to solving a crime or resolving an unsafe situation the tipster maybe eligible for a cash reward.    Speak Out - 1-800-423-8477

Need a Transcript?

Transcripts for Graduation Years 2015 - current ONLY, may be requested and picked up in the Building 1 Front Office as follows for Summer 2017:
Monday - Thursday 8: 00 a.m. -


If you graduated prior to 2015(Alumni 2013 and Earlier) please visit Https://scpsfl.scriborder.com to order online 

Digital Curriculum

Welcome to Lake Brantley Digital Curriculum Guide 2017-2018!




Headline News

2018-2019 Application for Senior Lunch and Parking Pass, click here!
The off campus lunch form needs to be brought to Preschool Processing signed and notarized along with their ID and $20 and I will issue the sticker to their ID that allows them to go out to lunch. 

HERO Policy

Lake Brantley High School
HERO Tardy Tracking Program

LBHS trial run will begin the week of January 8th-January 12th. Students will work with the administration, security personnel, teachers, and clerical to learn the new HERO tardy tracking system. Starting Wednesday, January 10th students must obtain a tardy pass in order to be admitted into the classroom after the bell. January 10th – 12th students will receive warnings and must have a HERO pass to enter class.

Effective Monday January 15th, Lake Brantley High School will be using the HERO tardy tracking program to track student tardies. Tardies will now be cumulative! This is the biggest change. (It doesn’t matter what period the tardy is in during the day.)

Tardy/Dress Code Consequences:

1st Tardy: Warning

2nd Tardy: 1 hour detention

3rd Tardy: 2 hour detention

4th Tardy: Saturday School

5th Tardy +: Referral

Tardies will reset again every nine weeks.

When students are late to their classes they can either see an administrator/security personnel in the courtyard or go to building 1 or 6 (whichever is closest) to receive their pass/consequence.

Building 6 Hero Port for Hero pass – Buildings 6, 7, 8, 5, Back Portables 1-10

Building 1 Hero Port for Hero pass – Buildings 3, 1, Front Portables 11-14

Mobile Hero Ports – Courtyard Administrator/Security Personnel

Teachers must lock their doors. Tardy students will not be allowed to enter their class without a HERO pass. Teachers are asked to put the provided sign on their door so that students know where to go to get their HERO pass. Upon entering the class with the HERO pass, students must present the pass to the teacher to acknowledge and highlight. This will prevent students from reusing it in another class (like Wal-Mart when you leave with merchandise).

Teachers are also asked to abide by the 1st 10 last 10 Freeze Time Rule - meaning students will need to remain in class unless it is an emergency.  

Testing Resources




Here is the District Assessment Calendar, please click here to download the calendar


"All students wanting to participate in summer End of Course (EOC) testing need to fill out a Summer Test Application.  The following EOC's will be offered:

Algebra I (July 11th AND 12th)

Biology (July 12th)

Geometry (July 11th AND 12th)

US History (July 12th).  

Students eligible to test include students who did not pass or attend their End of Course Exams administered in the Spring or students transferring to Lake Brantley from a private school.  There are separate applications for private school transfer students and for currently enrolled SCPS students. Both applications can be found on the Seminole County Public Schools Assessment and Accountability Office's website: https://www.scps.k12.fl.us/district/departments/assessment-accountability/summer-testing-boot-camp.stml  The applications are due no later than June 21st. 

Students participating in the summer administration of the Algebra 1 EOC are encouraged to participate in the Algebra 1 Boot Camp on July 9th and 10th from 7:20 a.m. to 2:30 p.m..   Students in the boot camp will also be given the opportunity to take the PERT test, an alternate assessment to the End of Course exam.  Boot Camp participation is not required to take the EOC, but is strongly encouraged. Information on how to register can be found on the Assessment and Accountability website.

If you have any questions regarding summer testing please contact Darlene Gariepy 407-746-3411 or via email Darlene_Gariepy@scps.k12.fl.us"



Driver Forms Link

Please click Here to download the Approved Driver Form 16-17.pdf

Free & Reduced Lunch Benefits

SAVE TIME!!!!! APPLY ONLINE!!!! For Free or Reduced breakfast and lunch price benefits. In addition, if your student qualifies they may be eligible for college application fee waivers PLUS… SAT and ACT registration fee waivers!!!!! GO TO scpsmealapp.com and APPLY TODAY!!!


Today at LBHS

School Info/News

School Calendar

Summer School Dates/Times for LBHS:

June 14-28 Semester 2 of Summer school

Hours: 7:20am-2:30pm

*Breakfast and lunch provided at no cost during the summer semesters.

Pre-School Processing

Grade 12 Orientation:
Wednesday August 1, 2018

Grades 10-11 Orientation:
Thursday August 2, 2018
8am-Last Names A-L
12:30- Last Names M-Z

Grade 9 Orientation:
Friday August 3, 2017
8:00am- Last Names A-L
12:15pm- Last Names M-Z


Parents: Become an eCampus Observer of your student's courses

Patriot Parade Newsletter Summer 2018

Lake Brantley Lifeline Communications 

School Connects 

LBHS Media Center  at 6:00 pm
Monday, April 16
Monday, May 14
For more information, contact 

Seniors Information

2018-2019 Application for Senior Lunch and Parking Passclick here!
The off campus lunch form needs to be brought to Preschool Processing signed and notarized along with their ID and $20 and I will issue the sticker to their ID that allows them to go out to lunch. 




Class 2019!

It’s time! We’re now scheduling portrait appointments for the Class of 2019! 

We need to establish the deadline to be photographed. This information is crucial and will be displayed on our website. As an incentive to be photographed early, we’re offering $5 OFF any upgraded session scheduled now through June 30th.



Click on the link below

Locker Link 

1.  Your student number is your user id and your birthdate is your password.
2. The format of the password is YYYYMMDD, so if you were born Jan 1, 2000, your password would be '20000101'.
3. Select your Building, and your locker 
4. Take a photo of your combination. 


"How do I contact my child's teachers"

How do I contact my student’s teachers?
The best way is through email. All emails are on the LBHS website.
The link is http://www.lakebrantley.com/Staff/QuickLinks/StaffContact.aspx

Some situations require a conversation. Email the teacher and leave a number that you can be reached at and a time when you will be free. Realize they are in class, so they will need to return the call when they have plan or after school. Even though your issue may be important, due to confidentiality the teacher needs to call when other students can not hear the conversation. Contact is done within 24 hours. 
You can also leave a voice mail (VM), but email is much faster when communicating to teachers. The VM extensions can be found at the same link.
Please do not email through Skyward. That email system does NOT work and is not linked to our teachers.

Another alternative is the Lake Brantley HS Mobile APP, Click here or scan the QR code below to download the Lake Brantley High School app by SchoolInfoApp on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows device.  With our new app, you can:

·         Keep up with all of our latest news, information and announcements

·         Find out about events and activities

·         Contact teachers, staff and administration

Positive Behavior Support

 PBS Action of the Week

Ready to Learn: Students will come prepared to class with all required material.

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