PSAT Score Review

If you are interested in understanding how to interpret the results please click on the following link: Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQ Score Results  


The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, will be administered at this school January 26th to all 9-11th grade students.  Students will be automatically registered by the district for this exam. Students who meet published participation requirements, which include taking the PSAT/NMSQT in their 11th grade year, will enter NMSC competitions for recognition and awards. Any student can take the PSAT, but only the scores from the 11th grade year will be used to determine NMSC qualification.  Further information about NMSC programs, entry requirements, and scholarships to be offered can be found at

ACT & SAT Testing

The SAT is given on multiple dates throughout the school year.  Lake Brantley is a testing site for the SAT.  Please visit the College Board SAT Registration website for more information on the SAT exam. Students must register online to take the SAT. 

The ACT is also given at Lake Brantley several times during the school year.  Students must register online to take the ACT.  Visit to be redirected to registration page. ACT & SAT Resources