AP Testing

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are given for FREE to all students enrolled in an AP course on our LBHS campus and online.  There have been many changes regarding AP courses, student registration and exam fees.  All AP exams are being ordered November 1st.  Please click on the links below to read communication that was sent out this school year to parents and students in AP courses regarding these changes.

Please be sure to look at the 2020 AP Exam Schedule below to find out when your AP exam will be given. The College Board website is also a valuable resource for students and parents regarding Advanced Placement exams.  Visit the College Board AP website.

Please keep in mind that the AP exams are given internationally, and the testing dates and times are not flexible.

Students are expected to arrive by 7:15 for a morning exam and by 11:15 for an afternoon exam.

Click here to view the 2020 AP Exam Schedule.

Online Students

If you are taking an AP course with Florida Virtual School, students MUST notify one of the AP Testing Coordinators by November 1, 2019 using the form sent to you by your virtual school teacher.  Bring the paperwork to the building 5 counseling office to see Mrs. Laura Baker or Mrs. Pamela Boodram so that we can give you your class join code to use online.  

AP Testing Rules


1. Arrive on time: AM Check-in is 7:15 – 7:30am; PM Check-in is 11:15 – 11:30am. No one admitted after check in time.
3. Bring AP Student Pack.
4. Bring 2 number 2 pencils and 2 blue or black ink pens.
5. If you have two exams in one day, bring ‘easy to eat’ lunch.
6. LBHS school code is 100466.
7. IMPORTANT: Do NOT bring the following into the exam room:

a. Cell phones of any type, MP3 Players, or any electronic or communication devices; no ear buds
b. Books, dictionaries, highlighters, notes or mechanical/colored pencils
c. Tablets, computers, Rulers or straightedges
d. Purse, backpack
e. Calculators – only for AP Calc, Chem, Stats, Phys
f. Watches that make noise or transmits information. Watches that tell time only are ok.