Bright Futures Scholarship

Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA)

This application is used for a variety of state scholarships including Bright Futures.  For more information about the specific scholarships and programs visit Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Programs

Seniors were invited to attend a lab session with the school counsleors on Oct. 21st.  If they missed their appointment students can complete the FFAA on their own.  Please follow the steps to complete the Florida Financial Aid Application document (below) which was used during our lab session for assistance.  Please note that the graduation date is NOT the official graduation date.  It is just an arbitrary date we picked for the application.  Seniors were given a copy of their Bright Future status report during the lab session and will be distributed to students that missed the lab session. 

Steps to Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application 

Bright Futures Status Report - click on this link to learn how to read your Bright Futures status report.

Bright Futures Scholarship links

Florida Shines-this website provides information regarding colleges, financial aid, careers and allows students to monitor their Bright Futures eligibility in any grade level.

Florida Shines

Quick video on how to view your Bright Futures eligibility on their website Click Here