Navigating the Post Secondary world can be overwhelming for students and parents.  We hope that by providing you this information, it will help guide you in the right direction.  Each year the State University System of Florida hosts a college workshop for all high school counselors to provide us with the most update information on each school. 

  • To view the most recent SUS matrix which shows up to date information on each FL State University click here
  • To view the most recent PCUF matrix which shows up to date information on Privates School in Florida click here

Virtual College Visits

This year ALL college visits are being held virtually.  They will be held after school hours.  Students do not need to register in advance.  Please follow the link to view the calendar for our scheduled college visits.  You will see the meeting link and password information on the calendar date for each visit (if applicable). College Visits 

2020 Virtual College Fair (flyer) Over 125 colleges from across the country will be attending, including: UCF, Rollins, UF, Stanford, Clemson, Alabama and many more! 

College Board Resources

The College Board has a variety of resources to help students and parents navigate the college process.  The College Board-the Big Future site allows students to search careers, majors, and colleges.  

College Advising Guide- This guide has lots of good information to help students prepare for college visits, narrowing down your choices, understanding the college application and more! 

The College Essay-This is a one page guide to help students write their college essay.

Have you heard about Landscape? Landscape- provides consistent high school and neighborhood information for all applicants to help admissions officers fully consider every student, no matter where they live.  Check out this short video explaining how Universities are using Landscape. Landscape  For more information you can visit The College Board's Landscape website here.

My Career Shines  State run website where students can explore careers, majors, colleges and more!  


Students can schedule an appointment to meet with their school counselor to assist them with their applications.  If a college is requesting a letter of recommendation, please speak with your school counselor to notify them.  Allow at least 2 weeks for your counselor to be able to write a letter for you. 

School Profile: Some schools may ask for a copy of the School Profile as part of their application packet. 

Common Application System

If your college uses the common application please view this short instructional video on how to complete the common application.  Common Application Video

You can also visit their website for more helpful information.  Common Application

Coalition for College Application System

If your college uses the coalition application please visit their website to learn how to use the system before completing your applications. Coalition for College

Student Athletes

Be sure that if you are interested in playing sports at the Univeristy level, that you have completed the NCAA or NAIA applications.  Counselors and Mrs. Jerri Kelly, athletic director can assist with questions regarding NCAA eligibility.  See below for more information.

Official Websites: 

College Readiness Plans