Community Service

Community Service

Students needing to do community service hours must follow the LBHS procedures below:

  • Obtain the application (available below or in building 5 counseling office)
  • Complete the application (be sure all signatures are on it)
  • Bring or email the completed application to your school counselor for approval (you can drop it off, no need to schedule an appointment)
  • Pick up or print out the Service Hours Log form (located below and in building 5 counseling office) and use that to track your hours.  Once the student is complete with ALL of their hours (30, 75 or 100) they are to bring the application, log forms AND a 1 page typed reflection essay (outlined in the application) to your counselor for submission.  

Class of 2021 students: It is in your best interest to try and complete ALL of your hours prior to December 31, 2020 so it can be included in the initial review for the Florida Finanical Aid, Bright Futures Scholarship. 

SCPS has changed their community service policies and procedures.  For the most updated information please visit the district site visit the District's Student Volunteer Service Page.

Below are some helpful websites where students can search for local community service opportunities: