Counselor Presentations

Middle School Parent Presentation- shown on Dec. 4, 2019 for incoming parents

Handouts given at parent session:

Comprehensive Counseling Presentations

During the school year the school counselors hold presentations with each grade level that covers a variety of topics.  If you would like to view the presentations that were shown please click the links below.

Senior credit check-this presentation was shown to the class of 2020, as counselors conducted their senior credit checks

This handout was given to each Senior during their credit check meeting. Helpful Info for Seniors

Class of 2022- this presentation was shown to the sophomores during the week of Sept. 23, 2019 

Class of 2021-Click on the link to view the presentation that was shown to the juniors during the week of Nov. 4, 2019 when we conducted credit check meetings.
This handout was given to each Junior in their credit check folder to assist them with planning for this year and next.  Helpful Info for Juniors

LBHS School Profile 2018-2019 (pdf)