AP Testing

2023 LBHS AP Exam Information 


The College Board expects all AP Students to read the AP Exam Terms and Conditions. This document provides information on testing policies, exam fees, preparing for exam day as well as the College Board AP exam schedule for this year. Students will sign in agreement to these terms at each test administration.

Please keep in mind that the AP exams are given internationally, and the testing dates and times are not flexible.

Students are expected to arrive by 7:15 for a morning exam and by 11:15 for an afternoon exam.

 2024 AP Exam Schedule- check back in the Spring

If the exam is being given in the main gym, students need to enter the gym from the lobby doors across from the football stadium. 

Late AP Exams- if approved

If an AP student is unable to take their AP exam during the regularly scheduled date/time, they MUST speak with one of the AP Coordinators to discuss taking a late exam.  Keep in mind that the district expectation is that all students will take AP exams on their scheduled date.  If students miss their exam, they may be charged a $65 unused exam fee.  There may also be a fee associated with having to order a late AP exam which the student will be responsible for paying to Lake Brantley.  For more information please speak with one of the AP Coordinators.

AP Exam Instructions


1. Arrive on time: AM Check-in is 7:15 – 7:30am; PM Check-in is 11:15 – 11:30am. No one admitted after check in time.
3. Bring AP ID Labels (will be given at first exam)
4. Bring 2 number 2 pencils and 2 blue or black ink pens.
5. If you have two exams in one day, bring ‘easy to eat’ lunch.
6. LBHS school code is 100466.
7. IMPORTANT: Do NOT bring the following into the exam room:

a. Cell phones of any type, MP3 Players, or any electronic or communication devices; no ear buds
b. Books, dictionaries, highlighters, notes or mechanical/colored pencils
c. Tablets, computers, Rulers or straightedges
d. Purse, backpack
e. Calculators – only for AP Calc, Chem, Stats, Phys
f. Watches that make noise or transmits information. Watches that tell time only are ok.


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