Coffee With The Counselors

Coffee with the Counselors: The school counselors hold these informative sessions for parents/guardians to help keep everyone connected.  Please come at the start of the session as we do cover a set presentation and we don't want you to miss any information.  If you are unable to attend a session, please check this page afterwards as we will post the presentation here.

We welcome both current Brantley parents and incoming Brantley parents to learn more about registration for next school year along with other updates.

 If you were not able to attend any of our sessinos, please feel free to view the presentations below.    

Freshman/Sophomore presentation:9th & 10th CwC session

Junior/Senior presentation:11th & 12th CwC Session

State University System Matrix Guide 2022

November Coffee with the Counselors was not separated out by grade levels. One presentation was held.

November Coffee with the Counselors

January 27 Coffe with the Counselors