Counselor Presentations

Comprehensive Counseling Presentations

During the school year the school counselors hold presentations with each grade level that covers a variety of topics.  If you would like to view the presentations that were shown please click the links below.

Freshman Class Visits: TBD

We are looking forward to meeting the Class of 2026 as well as giving them an opportunity to get to know us. We will give students a chance to ask questions while highlighting grade promotions, graduation requirements and a high school planning guide. Counselors will be speaking with students to discuss topics that will help with social concerns, acceptance, communication and connection. Please be sure to ask your student about the visit and remember, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have. 

Sophomore Class Visits: TBD

Senior Credit Checks: TBD

Counselors have met with each student in the class of 2022 to review their credits, GPA and discuss any post secondary plans.  Each student was given a folder with a copy of their credit check, a copy of their transcript along with a few other post secondary planning documents.  Click here to download the documents. 

Junior Credit Checks November: TBD